METERS LABORATORY DEPARTMENT In June 1966, the “Measurement Unit”, in 1969, the “Testing Group Laboratory”, in 1972, merged with the light sales department, and in March 1988, the Darkhan branch of the Energy Monitoring and Metering Department In 1993, it was transferred to the Department of Environmental Protection. In January 2005, the company was restructured and renamed the “Electrical Measurement Laboratory”, and since 2010 it has been renamed the “Measuring and Metering Laboratory”. Standardization Accredited with the right to repair, calibrate and install meters and measuring instruments under the license and accreditation issued by the Metrology Agency.

In order to provide quality services to customers, we are implementing the function of carrying out repair, inspection and calibration of measuring instruments within the framework of MNS ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 “General requirements for testing and calibration laboratory capacity