The MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT DEPARTMENT operates in four main areas: substation, relay protection automation, substation, cable line testing, and transformer repair. There are 19 substations of 35/6 (10) kV and 18 distribution facilities of 6,35 kV. It is responsible for the maintenance, measurement, testing and adjustment of more than 200 km of cable lines.

Expansion and renovation of 35/6 (10) kV Orkhontuul, Shaamar, Zaamar, Tunkhel, Uguumur, Ugtaal, Khanjargalant, Altanbulag substations, 6 kV RP-8,9,10, 35kV substations carried out within the framework of the company's large-scale construction work New RP-11 distribution facilities were built and 110/35/10 kV Tavan Tolgoi and Choibalsan substations were constructed.