CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. Scope of Service Darkhan Customer Service Center was established on January 9, 2013 by merging Davhar, Tosgon and Burkhant parts of Darkhan-Uul aimag center into a sales and commercial form. Currently, a total of 30,688 consumers from 27,755 households and 2,933 business entities in baghs 1-18 of Darkhan soum, Darkhan-Uul aimag, Shariin gol, Khongor, Orkhon soum, Khuder soum, Yeruu soum, Bugant village, Javkhlant soum, Khushaat soum of Selenge aimag Power supply, installation of smart meters, and full introduction of automated power control system.


The Darkhan Customer Service Center has 79 employees. It provides information and advice, receives new connection requests, concludes, extends, cancels, and pays electricity bills through four sections: Consumer Reception Hall, Maintenance, Sales, and Receivables Settlement. Receive work orders, calls, suggestions, complaints, provide technical services, restore electricity consumption, inspect and maintain integrated power panels and equipment, study new connection requests on the spot, for voltages below 380V Provide customized services, take meter readings, record, calculate electricity consumption, measure and inspect electricity consumption, allocate customers to cyclic routes, deliver notices to customers who do not pay on time, suspend customers who violate contracts, charge interest, customers in arrears It is responsible for claiming receivables from customers, concluding a “Partial Settlement Agreement” with a debtor, and settling receivables in court.