The smart meter system has installed smart meters for more than 46,000 customers since 2012, and has installed 100% smart meters for household customers. In addition, smart meters have been introduced in Khovd aimag and Baganuur district of Ulaanbaatar, and the meter system is still operating normally. With the use of intelligent metering system, winter and summer loads can be measured at the same time without the need for manpower and machinery, and the measurements can be made accurately and realistically.


The issue of providing citizens with quality electricity that meets the standard requirements has been fully resolved by regularly monitoring the voltage level, which is an indicator of electricity quality, by taking individual technical and organizational measures.


   Our company has been constantly developing using a total of 12 systems and software. Each system has its own unique advantages. For example, in the case of a sales and trading system, customers' electricity billing information is sent via text message to their mobile phones, and records and income information are exchanged online with banks.


  It has many advantages, such as disconnecting and dialing user usage, and automatically recording meter readings. However, the consolidation program facilitates the manual preparation of data and reports.


 Through the user's online system, users will be able to get full information about electricity from the website, and in 2018, they will have a mobile application.


 This allows you to get information on your electricity consumption and keep track of it