Being named Darkhan Selenge Line Network office initially after first establishment, Darkhan-Selenge Electricity Distribution Network JSC was established in 1965.

         With Government Resolution 164 issued in 2001, status of Darkhan Selenge Electricity Distribution Network JSC has been renewed as JSC, being award for privatization through an open tender according to The State Property Committee Resolution No. 454 issued in 2003 and Government Resolution 14 issued in 2003, upon the privatization, it has been operating as private company, employing over 440 employees.

         Acquiring 9 licenses issued by Ministry of Energy, the Energy Regulatory Commission, and the State Center for Standardization and Metrology in Mongolia, of them, there has been a license to distribute electricity and supply electricity in regulated manner according to Energy law of Mongolia, within scope of the license, Darkhan Selenge Electricity Distribution Network JSC has been operating to distribute and supply electricity to 4435 business entities, 44491 households, and about 50 thousand customers in territory of 74000 km2, covering Darkhan- Uul, Selenge, 26 soums and 3 villages of Tuv province. These include:

  1. Distribution of electricity
  2. Regulated power supply
  3. Construction, installation and configuration of 5-100MW power source
  4. Installation and maintenance of transmission lines and substations of 0.4-220 kV and above
  5. Testing, adjustment and installation of 1 and 3 phase electricity meters
  6. Test and calibration services /secondary switching works and all types of works of measurement, testing and adjustment/
  7. Formulation of FS (Feasibility Study) and design of 0.1-100 MW power source
  8. Formulation of FS and design of power transmission lines and substations that are above 100kV
  9. Related ancillary services /production and supply of masonry insulation, reinforcement and support structures/
  10. Construction of a renewable energy source